Instructor News

The current government want to introduce a complete electronic system. This means that all contact would be made on line. Check test reminders would be by e-mail or even text, badge renewals would be done electronically too. For CRB checks, either as a PDI or ADI renewing their badge, would also be on line.

The biggest problem faced is that many instructors do not use an e-mail service, and although it is the way forward in terms of communication, should it be forced upon those who do not want it? There is to be quite a shake up of the current system, but, these things take time and a change of government mid plans could mean these ideas are scrapped.

CPD will be recorded electronically too, and we are offering instructors in Rushden, Northamptonshire and surrounding areas the opportunity to attend a course helping them to deal with this. The local association WADDIA will be offering to help local instructors to understand the new system, and provide help with creating and e-mail account and information regarding uploading CPD records to the DSA site.

For some time it has been suggested that CPD and check tests will be linked, and the likelihood appears to be an opportunity at the end of a check test to explain what CPD has been covered. The biggest change is that any CPD that an instructor does will be available on line to view, and may swing the decision of a prospective pupil away from someone who has no CPD on their record.