Instructor training


Central has been established since 1987, and became Central Driver Training Ltd in 2010. Covering all of the UK for ADI training needs.  We also offer on road and classroom training for ADI’s who are already qualified and wish to extend their qualifications.


Becoming a driving instructor is a process that is quite involved, it takes time and commitment among other things.  It is also important that you are aware of the training and qualifying process and the regulations, quite apart from possible work loads.

Because of this we suggest coming to our office for an informal chat and a cup of coffee, or alternatively another location within the UK.  We can then answer any questions you have, that are often forgotten until the phone has been hung up, and help you decide if this is the career for you. All our trainers are highly qualified and very experienced, and will answer any questions as accurately as is possible.  There is absolutely no obligation to commit to training


All training is on a pay as you go basis.  We will offer an assessment which lasts ninety minutes, followed by a written report.

The exams are in three stages, the first one – known as part one is a theory and hazard perception test.  We can provide all materials needed for this study along with free telephone support.

Part two, on completion of part one, is a test of driving ability.  A high standard of driving is required for this, and some training may be recommended, along with personal practice time.

Part three, is a test of your ability to instruct.  This requires personal study time as well as training.  This is the final exam, and often viewed by many as the hardest.

 We are not offering a franchise, we are a training company, however occasionally there are opportunities within our company, which  fall into various areas of driver training.  Therefore we are able to offer training with no contractual tie in or on going financial obligation after qualifying, on the part of a trainee.


 We offer a full programme of training for qualified instructors.  CPD courses, accredited fleet courses, NLP courses, coaching courses, and tuition for all advanced driver training, amongst others, a comprehensive course diary is available by request, or see our facebook page for updates.

 Courses are a minimum of one day, and are held at our training facility in Northamptonshire.  If you live some distance from us, then residential terms are available by request.  A buffet lunch is provided for all classroom courses, with tea, coffee and water available throughout the day.

We are keen to raise the standard of driving instruction in the UK, which in turn means better drivers on the road.  CPD is the main concern for many ADI’s and we run a course covering the introduction of CPD, how it affects us all, and what involvement is needed. 

 There will occasionally be guest speakers at our courses. Courses are run as on road training, powerpoint presentation and workshops, depending on the course content.


We offer a support programme once you qualify, to answer any of those little questions that crop up.  We also run a teaching techniques course for ADI’s, which may be of benefit to you during training.  We run classroom mentor days on site, which is on a drop in basis, and this also gives you the opportunity to meet other trainees.

 Our trainers have many qualifications, and a c.v. is available on request.  We encourage using a buddy system, and are happy to support you with this