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At the Central Training Group we deliver in class and on road courses for local and national businesses.  Groups of up to 18 are presented in our on site training facility, alternatively in class courses can be delivered at an agreed venue including on the company property.  Classes are limited to a maximum of 20.

In class courses run from 9 am to 4 pm, with a lunch buffet provided, all course material is supplied. The education will cover driver responsibility, employee responsibility, company reputation, mobile phone, fatigue and speed.  Minor damage is an ongoing cost for companies along with fuel economy.  Limiting devices can go some way towards the restriction of this, but education is more effective. Understanding rather than being forced to conform can result in a more loyal and appreciative work force.

Certificates provided for each attendee

On road is on a one to one or two to one basis dependent on personal requirements.

All trainers hold RoSPA gold and are experienced fleet trainers registered with the DVSA

We cover the majority of the UK

Courses can be tailored to individual company policy and requirements and comply with the Health and Safety at Work legislation.

Centraldt is working towards vision zero, to halve road death across the EU by 2020

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If your company is unaware of the legalities surrounding driving for work, sole traders, two drivers, one vehicle with more than one driver or less than ten vehicles, or a multi-vehicle fleet?  It really makes no difference in the eyes of the law.  Prosecution if it goes wrong may be something that is difficult to picture, however are you sure your driver or your own driving is portraying the image potential customers look for.

A recent survey carried out by us at the Central Training Group amongst members of the public, random selection at a Bedfordshire shopping centre, showed that members of the public looking for a service remembered poor driving practice and avoided those companies for service.  They also avoided companies where they had an incident, or someone they knew involving minor damage caused by a company car driver.

With drivers of company vehicles, from owners and directors to various staff members being in the second biggest risk group on our roads, the most recent figures identify every week ten people driving for work do not go home for the rest of time, based on a fatal accident.

Do you have a protection strategy in place, could your business cope with the financial and emotional implication.

We offer a visit from our Health and Safety at work representative to discuss your driver training requirements and legal obligations, call us for more information or fill in the enquiry form.



Every year we help more than 40 local and national companies with their on road driver training and in class training.  Raising standards on our roads is one of the biggest tasks for Government, yet despite the law not being on the side of the company in event of a serious or fatal collision which involves driving for work, either in a company or private vehicle, many companies and organisations are leaving themselves exposed.

The advert for your goods and services is often emblazoned on the vehicle and with that the driver carries your reputation, a company car driver representing you arrives hurried and stressed, the first impression, the one that counts, is now spoiled. Despite an improvement in UK economy, work still has to be sought and delivered, it is easy to be mislead by a slight improvement in sales or appointments.

Driver training isn’t just about saving fuel, it is about saving lives. Does your business want the poor social implications associated with it going wrong. Can you picture your driver’s error costing you the future of your livelihood and the people who rely on you for their income.

As a nation we all have a responsibility to protect each other and the future of the next generations. What price is a life?

The Corporate Homicide and Manslaughter Act includes driving for work. Are you doing enough? Do you know the legalities?

One of our directors would be happy to come and discuss with you the risk.  This is free of charge.


Your vehicles attract the attention of drivers, pedestrians and all other road users. Having conscientious drivers who protect your reputation are invaluable to a company, yet thoughtless and careless driver behaviour can impact on your business, directly and indirectly. The increase in social media to highlight errors and wrongdoings increases year on year. No business owner, director or manager want to be challenged because of driver behaviour. Having a course that not only encompasses company ethos but encourages pride in driver actions does not only improve driver safety records, reduces minor damage and protect company relations with the public, but is also effective in terms of business profit.

At Central Driver Training we have your business interests at the forefront of our training.