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We offer on road training across the majority of the UK. Training is strictly confidential and will not be posted on any social media site unless requested. Your information will not be shared with anyone other than the standards check trainers at Central Driver Training.

We are ORDIT registered.

Training commonly is a two or three hour session plus one hour observing you teach.  However there are many training options available to prepare you for your standards check, including recovery training if you have failed a previous test.

If you would like more information, an informal chat or to book training, please contact us, how to reach us is available at the top of the home page.

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We have been preparing instructors for the review of the standard of their training, previously under the check test system and currently under the revised standards check system, since the 1980’s.

We also re-train sub-graded instructors to raise their level of instruction to enable them to move forward with their career as an ADI.

In April 2014 the testing of the standards of driving instructors changed. Previously a check test, now a standards check. The two formats are different in terms of positive marking rather than the negative scheme previously used.

The instructor accumulates points up to a maximum score of 51. This format has caused some difficulty for a cross section of experience and abilities, with the current pass figures being lower than one would hope for.

Our years of experience, understanding of the test, and level of on road training has allowed us to have insight into common errors and reasons for a low grade or low success. We frequently sit in the back of a standards check and have insight by regular communication as part of being registered through ORDIT.

Our record of standards check recovery for instructors who had previously failed one or two tests before approaching us for training has been exceptional, with no instructor being in the position of the loss of their licence to teach. Many turning their fail to a grade A.



There are now three grades, A, B and fail. If you fail on every one of the three attempts then your green badge/licence to teach will be rescinded by the examiner on the day of the test. You will then need to re-take all three of the qualifying exams.

The grade figures haven’t changed much since the introduction of the test. There are still 25% of instructors who have not taken, or passed the new test and are listed with their old grade. The removal of the E grade is reflective in the current pass rates.

Around 17,000 ADI’s are graded B
Approximately 6,000 ADI’s are grade A

The volume of fail grades for the month has varied between about 200 and 400 for the months since the test change in 2014 was introduced.

There is a trend for new instructors who passed under the PST testing system to fail their standards check on the first attempt. Leaving the pass to chance rather than securing training.


These are a Powerpoint presentation delivered at our Rushden training facility. We also travel by request to deliver the course at other locations. Standard check workshops are interactive and are two hours long.

Other workshops available are

Improve your teaching techniques

The new driving test

Recording a reflective log for yourself and your pupil

Coaching techniques

To book a place or enquire about dates please use the contact form