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Is it for you?
Have you driven before?
Have you passed your theory test?
Automatic or manual?

We have been running intensive courses since the 1980’s and are very proud of our enviable pass rate.
Whether you have driven before, failed a test or a complete novice, we have a course for you. Not everyone is suited to intensive learning and that is why we recommend an assessment lesson first, to tailor the hours you need.

Your training will be strictly on a one to one basis, we do not car share with another pupil.

Read our advice below before choosing how many days you need, previous experience makes a difference, but you can also book an assessment lesson, where the instructor will advise you at the end of how many hours they believe you will need to prepare for test.


Three day course: £580
Four day course: £765
Five day course: £950
Six day course: £1,135
Seven day course: £1,320
Eight day course: £1,505
Nine day course: £1,690
Deposit: £250 Buy now


Three day course: £610
Four day course: £810
Five day course: £1,010
Six day course: £1,210
Seven day course: £1,410
Eight day course: £1,610
Nine day course: £1,810
Deposit: £250 Buy now


To book one of our courses you will need to have passed your theory test.
Fill in our form and pay the deposit. You will then be contacted via email to book your course. If you are booking an assessment you will receive an email or a phone call to arrange a suitable date and time.

We will invoice you on receipt of your booking form, and this will give you the option of payment by card at your nearest office or BACS, bank transfer.


You will be collected from your home address on day one, or from the hotel if taking a residential course. It is advisable to bring with you a bottle of water, or a drink, during the training day you will have a comfort break, if each session is more than three hours then a break where you will be able to purchase food and drink and use the facilities will be available to you.

The driving day is divided up to match the syllabus you need to cover. Your driving test will be on the last day of your course. However sometimes it is necessary to take a test on a different day, either due to pupil commitments or the DVSA testing system. In that instance if you have an eight day course, the test will be day nine or as near to that as possible. You will be advised of dates and time of your course once the deposit is received. Along with a receipt and schedule. The balance needs to be paid within 14 days of the course start date. You will be sent a reminder.
The majority of your training will take place in the area where your test will take place, this will enable you to become familiar with the local roads, and major routes.

If you have any questions please use the contact form and we will respond via email or phone. Rarely messages become lost in cyber space, if we have not responded within 24 hours (weekends excluded) please call us on 01933 384504 or email [email protected]


Three day course –This would suit you if you have recently failed a driving test and have a fail sheet available

Four day course – This would be suitable for someone with a lot of driving experience, either with an instructor, private practice, or both

Five day course – This course is for someone who has previous driving experience and in excess of 25 hours training

Six day course – This course would suit someone who has some driving experience, of around 20 hours training

Seven day course – This course would suit someone with recent, limited driving experience of around 10 hours

Eight day course – This is for a learner driver with 10 hours or less experience, it would also suit someone with limited experience and lacking in confidence

Nine day course – This would suit a complete beginner, or someone with 5 hours or less training


To book any intensive course you must have a valid theory pass certificate. Tailor made courses are available in Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and some Peterborough postcode areas


we also offer the opportunity for a tailor made course to suit your personal experience. To arrange this you would need to book an assessment, at the end of the session the instructor will discuss with you how many hours you course will need to be. You can then contact us and the course will be arranged once a deposit is received.

Courses are only run on a Monday to Friday basis, with a break at the weekend.

Deposits are non-refundable

Please take the time to read our terms and conditions before purchasing a course. We offer residential courses. More information available by request.


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