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Lesson cancellations require 48 hours notice, all late cancellations must be paid in full. A reminder of this is on the back of booking cards, and by booking any lessons with us is conformation that you agree to abide by our t&c.

Intensive courses must be paid in full fourteen days prior to commencement, a deposit is required at the time of booking, this is not refundable. Late cancellations for example, 7 days prior to course start date will also result in the loss of course fee. We will endeavour to reschedule a course once to accommodate the client, in exceptional circumstances. Courses will not be rescheduled twice. If a client wishes to cancel the course the deposit will not be refunded in any circumstances.

Examiner illness, or test date and/or time changes by the DVSA are out of our control as they are a Government agency, and no responsibility will be accepted by Central DT. We will however endeavour to accommodate a course reschedule to suit the revised test slot, if required.

Block booking and advance credit payments must be paid directly to the school either by BACS or Paypal.  Card or cash in the office where a receipt will be issued or booking card signed. Advance payments directly to the instructor is a private agreement between the pupil and instructor and is not the responsibility of Central Driver Training Ltd. We recommend all pre-payments are paid directly to the school. Block booking and advance payments are non-refundable. In exceptional circumstances a credit note will be issued.  All block booking payments are valid for six months only. Admin fees are applicable.

Vouchers must be used by the expiry date, this includes Google coupons.   This is when offered as part of a special offer. An assessment lesson is recommended prior to the start of an intensive course, and can also be beneficial prior to starting regular lessons. This is offered as a guide. Gift vouchers have no cash value and are non-refundable. Gift vouchers are valid six months from date of issue.

Facebook pages. We ask permission at the time of taking a photo if the pupil is happy to be seen on our Facebook pages, and our website in our hall of fame. By signing our t&c this is accepted. If you wish to opt out, or wish to not have your picture published then you may do so by writing to us either by email, or letter. Proof of posting is not proof of receipt, so please contact us if we have not acknowledged your opt out request.

Mechanical breakdown, acts of God, instructor illness is not the responsibility of Central Driver Training Ltd, however, all efforts will be made to find a replacement car if this will affect a driving test. Central Driver Training Limited takes no responsibility should a test not be able to take place for any of the above reasons, as a client you are accepting these terms and conditions.. In the unlikely event of a further test being required after an intensive course these terms and conditions still apply.

The DVSA occasionally reschedule a test date or time, this is out of the control of Central Driver Training Ltd. If a test is cancelled on the day by the DVSA or with less than 48 hours notice, the fee is still payable to the instructor and a compensation form can be sought from Gov.UK to reimburse any loss. The DVSA no longer make a compensation payment due to bad weather. In these circumstances, the client will be charged for the time in the car only, usually one hour, the remainder will be held as credit towards the replacement test date, or the client can use the time slot for a lesson instead.

Open workshop for pupils, PDI’s and ADI’s may be run on a regular basis.

Company cheques will be issued in the event of an agreed refund, cash refunds will not be given.  This does not apply to intensive courses when cancelled within our specified time frame, when a company cheque will be issued. Credit notes are not transferable and can only be redeemed by the person named, to redeem a credit note it must be produced on the day of use.  Credit notes are valid for three months and will be dated. Gift vouchers are available in replace of a credit note at the time of issue.

It is the instructors final decision whether a car will be provided for test, if it is felt that the candidate is of a standard where being in control of the vehicle in a test situation would be unsafe. If the instructor feels that at the end of an intensive course, where the pupil has ignored the instructors advice to take a different length course, we reserve the right to not allow the car to be used for test.

Occasionally an instructor may make a practical test booking for a student. This is on the premiss that the student takes the driving test with that instructor at the allotted diary time. Should a student then cancel this agreement with the instructor, the test will be cancelled and a full refund made to the student when a test is paid for in full within seven days, in other situations an admin fee will be applicable. This is not a service, and test bookings will only be made in exceptional circumstances, and under these terms and conditions. Test bookings must be made through our Rushden office where a reference number will be provided, Central Driver Training Ltd cannot accept responsibility for booking by any other method.

Lesson offers, occasionally there may be offers of half price or free lessons, these must be taken during the allotted time, a valid provisional licence must be shown to the instructor on the lesson, a commitment to coaching as a learning method needs to be embraced. These offers do not apply to learners who are close to test standard, and will only be free for complete novice drivers or those with some learning experience.

It is the responsibility of the learner to ensure they wear suitable footwear for driving, and suitable clothing, no dirty work wear, a tee shirt or similar regardless of weather, for males, and suitable wear for females, no very short skirts or low cut tops, this is a professional environment and must be treated as such.

In the unlikely event a complaint is made, we have a formal complaints procedure in place, in the first instance a complaints form should be requested in writing, once a correctly filled in form has been received an investigation will take place. You do have a right of appeal after the ruling has been received, which must take place within 28 days. Further information and full terms and conditions is available if a written request is received.

Our instructors have the right to work in a risk free environment, threats, verbal or physical will be taken very seriously and always reported to the Police. We reserve the right to record violent or threatening activity.

Repayment of outstanding balances that remain unpaid will be invoiced accordingly, in the event of the invoice remaining unpaid an admin fee will be charged, this will then be followed by an invoice with an interest charge.

Our commitment to our pupils extends to our instructors. We strive for a high quality of tuition and professionalism, if at any time this is not evident then we appreciate and look into any feedback we receive.





Instructors T&C

In additional to individual contracts for fully licenced instructors we occasionally have trainee instructors working for us, this enables to provide quality controlled training. If an instructor is on a pink badge system they will have some of their lessons supervised, this is a legal requirement. We have been sponsoring instructors for more than thirty years and are very happy to meet and discuss this regardless of the stage of your training, or who with. Our various packages can be viewed from the tab on the home page and has more detailed information.

Pink badge sponsorship information (outline)

Stationary, livery, vehicle if required, office support, pupil bookings plus any additions on individual contracts. These lead to office expenses and a s such we require a non-refundable deposit £300